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API v2 - Record Searching

Search for resources using keywords, match terms, geography and various other parameters.

A valid API key is required for all requests and is typically placed in the url.
    "Dataset": "on",
    "Lang": "en",
• Properly formatted JSON is sent in the body. The API also supports form-data. The parameters and values are case-sensitive.
• A Dataset parameter is required for all requests. Typically the province code but can be different for specialized data sets.
• The Lang parameter is set to either search the English (default: "en") or French ("fr") database. Not all data sets support French.
Parameter Reference (Basic Searching)
Parameter Reference (Additional Filters)
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Search Types

There are four primary search methods available in this API:

Proximity Search by Keyword
Proximity Search by Match
Coverage Search by Keyword
Coverage Search by Match
Paging and Sorting Results

By default the first 25 results will be returned sorted by score. The score is assigned based on various factors including keyword position/density, distance and others. You can change the number of results returned (maximum 1000), the page of results and the sorting order.

Paging Results
Sorting Results
Additional Filters

Various filters are available to provide more specific results and can used in conjuction with any query.

External Categories
Physical Addresses
Update Date
Including Additional Fields
Including Additional Resources