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API v2 - Record Detail

Request an individual record.

• A valid API key is required for all requests and is placed in the url.
• A dataset parameter is required for all requests. Typically the province code but can be different for specialized data sets.
• The lang parameter is set to either the English (default: "en") or French ("fr") database. Not all records have associated French or English records.
• The id is the record ID (or ResourceAgencyNum) and should match an ID returned from the search call (or ProgramAtSite internally).
• Additional fields can be requested and are comma separated.
• MapIDs="on" can be used to return static ids (see field reference under Record Searching).
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Retrieving a Resource
The resource ID should always match an id returned in the record searching call (or a ProgramAtSite record ID internally)
Retrieving a Resource (Default)
Retrieving a Resource with Additional Fields